Star Wars Challenge: [1/5] relationships → Anakin Skywalker & Obi-Wan Kenobi

"You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them. You were to bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness."


Anakin & Luke Skywalker

Don’t come on so cocksure boy, you can’t escape your genes
No point in feeling pure boy, your background intervenes
Listen good and listen straight, you’re not the master of your fate
To this you must be reconciled, you’ll always be your father’s child
At times acclaimed, at times reviled
You’ll wind up doing just what I’ve done
Like father, like son

Aida:  ”Like Father, Like Son”

anidala week  day one: stars

star wars appreciation week day 1 / favourite episode ; episode III
"May the Force be with us all."


"All things die, Anakin Skywalker. Even stars burn out…"

Anidala Week Day I - Stars

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I was very inspired by Kirk Reinert’s gorgeous piece. Ever since I started shipping this couple I couldn’t help but wonder if Anakin/Vader would be seeing her in his dreams, hunting him, perhaps trying to pull him out of the darkness that’s engulfed his very core and soul.

Sure, their relationship was complicated and dysfunctional as hell, but definitely one I could label as Star Crossed, and boy - the pain is too strong for my shipper heart ;-;

And yes, don’t laugh at me, I’ve been listening to Muse’s Neutron Star Collision (aka the ultimate cheesy song but very powerful IMO that was originally composed for *coughtwilightcough*). It makes sense to me because Ani’s love for Padme was very naïve in a way, and he would always keep on saying they’d be together forever no matter what yadda yadda :P and my hand slipped pretty bad, I couldn’t help it  also can’t draw vader’s helmet and what is anatomy even FML

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Anakin sometimes thinks of the dread that eats at his heart as a dragon…The dragon whispers of what Anakin has lost. And what he will lose.

If anyone can save Palpatine, Anakin will. Because he’s already the best, and he’s still getting better. But locked away behind the walls of his heart, the dragon that is his fear coils and squirms and hisses.

Because his real fear, in a universe where even stars can die, is that being the best will never be quite good enough.

Matthew Stover, Revenge of the Sith

Day 2: Favorite Quotes